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Regrets - I Have Had A Few - But Then Again Too Few To Mention

0003_Regrets-I-Have-Had-A-Few-But-Then-Again-Too-Few-To-MentionOver the weekend at a dinner party our host asked everyone at the table to name a major regret in their life. The conversation starter provided some great insights into what my friends believed and valued.

In writing this blog I began to think about what regrets I have had in my career. As the blog title (and song My Way captures) I have had a few but then again ....

In working with our Frontier Group and OI Partners clients I address our client's career regrets quite often. My consulting team and I approach these "regrets" as learning tools from which our clients can gain insight, perspective and motivation to build a career and life that they desire.

In our dinner conversation over the weekend we talked about the people who claim they have "no regrets" as not being truly open and honest. We also talked about the danger of having too many regrets and the danger that has on one's self image, confidence and perspective.

What I share with my clients regarding this overall subject is to learn from the past, accept it and move forward. You cannot allow past regrets and career mistakes to become the proverbial bag of rocks that you carry with you. The weight of the rocks slows you down, drains your energy and takes away from the strength you need to complete your journey.

I can personally speak to the value of learning and leaving the past behind. It took me several significant career mistakes before I finally found clarity in terms of how to become a better leader, manager and friend.

Regrets - I have had a few but then again …