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Career Planning - Is It By Choice or Accident?

Career Planning - Fork In The Road.jpgHow do we choose our career? Is it by choice, random occurrence, divine guidance or careful analysis.

I believe the answer is that all of these factors play a part in the career that we select.

It is the end of the year and a natural time to reflect on the past and look towards the future. I started thinking about what were the factors that led me to be the owner of a career coaching and outplacement company.

Choice - I love career management as a practice. It allows me to use the marketing, management, sales, and analytical skills that I developed in my 20+ years in consumer product marketing and sales. I also like owning my own business and being able to drive my own agenda.

Random Occurrence - There is always luck and chance in everything that we encounter. I was fortunate to be in a position to be able to move on buying my company when I met the previous owner at the time when he was planning his retirement. One year earlier or later and our meeting would not have led to the sale of the company to me.

Divine Guidance - I know that God's divine wisdom and plan guides us and I count my many blessings that he led me to becoming the President of The Frontier Group and being honored to work with the talented team that I have.

Careful Analysis - Doing your homework on what career is the best fit for you is important. I realize now that my strengths are in marketing not sales. I reflect back on my career highs and lows and can now see this very clearly. At The Frontier Group we work with our career coaching and outplacement clients on several levels of assessment (MBTI, skill identification, key accomplishment inventory) to help them make the career choice and plan that will work best for them.