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Encouraging News - Frontier Group Outplacement Clients Are Landing

0023_Encouraging-News-Frontier-Group-Outplacement-Clients-Are-LandiBeing in transition can be frustrating, unsettling and uncertain. At The Frontier Group we are in the outplacement business business and see this every day. I can pass along some encouraging news though. Our outplacement clients are landing at an accelerated rate. This is most reflective of the state of our general economy - things are getting better.

Here are some examples of the success stories of our recent
outplacement clients:

Herb T accepted a position as a Senior Project Consultant with McGladrey LLC helping them with co-manage with the FDIC the rescue of failing financial institutions.Herb was an ideal client in terms of positive attitude and a commitment to proactive networking to find new opportunities. In fact, Herb had worked at McGladrey several years ago and was able to return because he keep in touch with his key contacts. It is also interesting to note that Herb is 64 years old and did not let that become a barrier.

Dennis M – a veteran apparel and footwear sales leader from Columbia Sportswear – accepted a new position as the National Account Manager for Okabashi (an innovative orthopedic footwear company with USA headquarters in Duluth). Dennis is very excited to be part of their team. He gets to be the senior leader in business development and product design.

Wendy G - an Inventory Analyst accepted a new position as an Inventory Analyst for Benchmark Brands. While the new position is a lateral move Wendy is still very excited because she landed within two months, is able to bank the balance of her severance and is with a company that is a much shorter commute to her house.