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The Frontier Group - OI Partners Launches Expanded OI Solutions® Career Transition Portal

0031_The-Frontier-Group-OI-Partners-Launches-ExpandedJan. 8, 2014 -- OI Partners, a leading global coaching and leadership development and consulting firm, has launched its rebuilt, restructured and expanded OI Solutions® career transition website for outplacement client companies and their former employees who have been displaced.

The user-friendly, multi-media, web-based global platform has been designed with the outplacement candidate in mind and provides increased resources for job-seekers and those interested in entrepreneurial opportunities.

The new platform offers users the most-up-to-date information in a variety of formats – video, audio, written tutorials and Fast Classes® 5-minute eLearning modules – for those with different learning styles and at different stages of transition.

“In conjunction with the boutique-level service delivered by our outplacement coaches, this platform gives users the maximum help they need to get into the job market quickly with professional, real-world advice and tools. This best-in-class online support for job seekers supplements the personal coaching and guidance they receive,” said Claudia Gentner, Vice President of Operations for OI Partners.

The website includes the world's best databases and the best array of research tools, integrated with job search content, such as:

  • Lexis/Nexis, which generates lists of companies with contacts as well as many areas of research drawn from over 50,000 online sources. It is available in English and six other languages.
  • Executive Grapevine's eGOLD Recruitment, used to find global recruiters and staffing agencies.
  • LinkedIn’s entire global network.
  • Indeed.com’s Job Search portal – an unprecedented resource for job-seekers.

Among the features of the OI Solutions® Career Transition Portal are:

Candidate’s dashboard, which includes all available content presented in a user-friendly area so they can get going quickly and track their progress.
Job openings integrated with O-NET Resource Center for obtaining information related to salary, locations and skills.
Interview Simulator® with hundreds of questions and associated videos from employers who use them in interviews. The system records mock interviews with candidates and plays back each session.
Lifetime Access for alumni of OI Partners’ outplacement programs after their services have concluded, along with access to the OI Partners Resume Database used by recruiters and corporations searching for qualified people.
“The new platform provides multiple tools to outplacement candidates and more tracking and reporting capabilities to our coaches and client companies. OI Partners has a state-of-the-art platform that readily enables us to expand to meet tomorrow’s needs,” said Lawrence Maglin, Vice President of OI Partners’ Technology Division.

About OI Partners

OI Partners is a leading global coaching and leadership development and consulting firm that helps individuals find new careers and employers to improve the performance of their employees and organizations. OI Partners specializes in executive outplacement, compassionate outplacement, career transition programs, executive coaching, leadership development, and other staffing solutions. Please visit www.oipartners.net or call 800-232-5285.

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