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Increased GA Jobless Rate Does Not Match Outplacement Success


The Georgia unemployment rate is a baffling statistic because it runs counter to the empirical and anecdotal information available. A recent Wall Street Journal article provides the interesting details behind the mystery of how the unemployment numbers show an increase while all other economic measures are improving.

There is an intense debate that the BLS statistics are politically manipulated. The general sentiment is that hiring rates are up, people in transition are landing at an accelerated rate and the business climate is improving. 

At The Frontier Group, our outplacement clients have been landing at an accelerated rate versus a year ago. Our average time for our clients to land is now at 4.3 months versus 6.8 months for the same one month period last year.

From our vantage point, we see the economic climate as much more favorable than the BLS statistics. 

The Frontier Group clients who are landing positions also represent a wide range of professions and industries.This is encouraging because it is not just one type of functional area (i.e. sales) or a particular industry that is successful.