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Letter From A Satisfied Atlanta Outplacement Candidate


The Frontier Group works hard to provide each Atlanta and Charlotte outplacement candidate with a positive experience.

Below is a recent letter we received from an outplacement client describing her experience:

"Dear Patrick Lynch ,

I know my thank you to you both is long overdue but I wanted to wait until my first day on my new job so that I could really formulate how grateful I am to you both. I wouldn't have this job without Paula and the services of The Frontier Group.

I had been working from home since November 2013 and although I had a year to process the end of my career at AHP, it was still hard to accept and I admit I fell into a rut. Meeting with Paula every week helped inspire and motivate me. The assignments helped me feel like I was accomplishing something rather than wallowing around and it also gave me the motivation to want to do more. It was nice to get up, out, dressed, and interacting with people face to face again.

I always felt comfortable with Paula. She made me feel at ease and so comfortable from day one. I know that what makes your Atlanta outplacement consultants exceptional at what they do is that they have been through job losses themselves and can relate. This made me feel like there was no judgment and that I was in good hands with someone who knew exactly what I was going through.

I know that I would not have been prepared for the interviews I went on and I wouldn't have received the job offers that I did without the services of The Frontier Group. I remember telling Paula that there were tips that I would hope I would have known on my own but with with all the nerves of trying to make a good impression during an interview, certain things can slip your mind. Paula prepped me so well for my interviews that I had a mental checklist of things to do and say that I would not have otherwise been prepared for on my own and I believe those tips helped set me apart from other candidates.

I hope others take full advantage of the outplacement services The Frontier Group provides. I would recommend your services to others and I forever offer my personal testimony to how amazing the services and staff are.

I can't thank you both enough for what you have done. Not only did Paula create the most impressive resume and provide excellent interview, networking, and job searching skills, she gave me a boost to my confidence. I had lost that but now I feel like a new person and I know it would not have been possible without Paula.

 Thank you (forever),

 Adrienne Boller"