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Outplacement Approach Can Minimize Negative Mental Health Impact


In a recent article in SHRM magazine, it is reported that "a company's approach to the layoff process can minimize the negative mental health effects of not only those workers whose positions are terminated but also those who are not laid off".

The SHRM article references a research study that was done at the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth. The research team interviewed 758 workers who were affected by layoffs that reduced the company workforces by at least 10 percent.

The study showed that the mental health of the remaining employees registered signs of depression and anxiety when they perceived the layoff process as chaotic or unfair.

The study went on further to show that "when companies used layoff processes that were transparent, understandable, fair and well-planned, workers - those retained and those let go - were less likely to suffer depression and other mental health effects".

At The Frontier Group we consult with many organizations about outplacement and have have first hand that organizations that are transparent, compassionate and even-handed in their downsizing have a remaining employee base that is positive in outlook. We encourage our corporate clients to involve us in the planning and execution and allow us to be in attendance on notification day. Our experience shows that this helps reduce the immediate negative impact by showing all employees - both the transitioned and remaining - that there is a plan in place to make the best of a negative situation.

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