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Outplacement Can Help Your Career

I recently read a great blog in the Harvard Business Review ( www.hbr.org ) written by Douglas Conant - retired CEO from Campbell's Soup.

In the blog he discusses how his experience going thru outplacement helped shape him into becoming the leader that he became.


Some of the valuable lessons that he learned from his outplacement experience was:

  • Do not have a "victim" mentality - losing yourself in self pity can be a burden and weight which will stop you from moving forward on re-building your career, life and self esteem.
  • Connecting with people by being fully present - listen with intent and purpose with the goal of complete understanding versus how you are going to guide the conversation.
  • "Honor" all people who cross your path - think about the people who have honored you along your life journey and challenge yourself to become more like them
  • When someone does help you, acknowledge it - get the names of everyone you interact with - from the receptionist to the CEO - and thank them for their help.
  • Always be building your network - unfortunately for many they only begin building a network when they need one. By always building and nurturing your network you will be fully prepared if a transition every happens to you.

The expert advice that Doug Conant received during outplacement helped him build a very successful career. Outplacement does help transitioned employees rebuild - re-focus - and renew themselves on the path towards successful careers