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Five Keys To Choosing The Best Outplacement Provider

At The Frontier Group – an OI Global Partner company – we are continually engaging organizations in the greater Atlanta and Charlotte markets about providing potential outplacement programs for their transitioned employees.

When asked what guidance we can provide the Human Resource decision makers on how to select an effective outplacement program for their company we provide five keys to look for.

1. Experience

2. Individualization

3. Technology

4. Methodology

5. Reach


The most important criteria to look for is the experience that the outplacement consultants have. How many years have they been practicing? What levels of clients have they worked with? Do they have outside working experience beyond coaching?

The Frontier Group is proud to showcase the experience of our consultants. All of them have had successful business careers (law, marketing, HR, Tech) prior to becoming career consultants. This provides our clients with sound business advice grounded by solid business acumen and coaching expertise.

Every outplacement client has a unique history of skills, accomplishments and objectives. An effective outplacement engagement provides a customized program that will be tailored to these individual needs. This requires an outplacement firm to provide individual coaching session for each client so that they can learn how to best develop a program that will work. The webinar/online tutorials/e-learning that many outplacement firms are now providing will not be able to meet the individual needs of the client.

A great outplacement firm will have the technological tools that each client can use to develop a first rate marketing plan, complete thorough company/market research, and have an effective LinkedIn strategy. Many outplacement firms have portals that look great but are not effective for the impacted client. This can mean longer durations of unemployment (at a cost to the employer) and negative goodwill. The Frontier Group client portal – OI Solutions – provide a start of the art portal that has the best research tool (Lexis Nexis).

When looking for an outplacement firm be certain to ask about the methodology they use – support materials, philosophy and project work flow. A great firm will have an established practice and process that they can discuss in detail. The Frontier Group strongly advocates a “proactive” approach where we teach clients how to best use networking and direct contact in their search

A great outplacement firm can service a client’s needs in whatever market they do business in. The Frontier Group – due to its strategic relationship with OI Global Partners – has partner offices in all major USA, Europe, Canada, and Asia cities.