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Why Outplacement Provides An Important Societal Benefit

Three years ago, I wrote an Outplacement Manifiesto blog when I was the President of The Frontier Group.

I merged my firm with CMP last year. Our new organization still shares the beliefs about what is right, productive, and positive about outplacement. We see ourselves in a unique position to help many people during the low point of their career.

There is a lot of concerns that our economy is moving towards an inevitable recession. This business downturn will result in job loss, and employees forced into career transition, many for the first time.

I expect that our outplacement business will increase as we help these in-transition employees find new opportunities.

With outplacement on my mind, I revisited my three-year-old blog to see if the principles still hold up.

All of us at CMP live these principles every day. We have worked hard to build a reputation in helping individuals and organizations navigate the challenging waters of downsizing, job reductions, and involuntary turnover. 

We understand that outplacement involves working with people in career transition, not a pleasant way to engage people.

We believe, however, that a lot of positives can come out of our work with these individuals. New career opportunities emerge; people grow from the self-discovery process that we help them through.

Here are the CMP Outplacement Beliefs:

  • We believe that outplacement is valuable and provides a corporate, societal, and human benefit to people that are in great need.
  • We believe that our goal as outplacement professionals is to help every assigned employee get re-employed as quickly as possible in positions that help them continue to grow their career. That said, we want every employee to increase their long-term career prospects and not grab the first job that comes along.
  • We believe that our business is centered entirely around helping people. That is why we are open to helping anyone who reaches out to us (candidates and non-candidates) by sharing our network and career management knowledge. We cannot guarantee anyone a new position, but we will do everything that we can to make a positive impact on their life.
  • We promise to always stay current on all the latest technology and trends so that we can help everyone we come in contact with better understand social media, market trends, resume development, interviewing strategies and how to create their most influential personal brand.
  • We will take pride in being strong advocates for our client companies and represent them well by providing the highest level of candidate service available.
  • We will provide hope, encouragement, accountability, and insights to everyone. We realize that being in career transition is challenging. We will be there to help.

I hope that our economy remains strong and that layoffs are minimal. Regardless of the numbers, CMP will always be there to support the impacted employees.

FYI - we have put together a complete guide on how to conduct a layoff. Click the image below to grab your copy.

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