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Want Competitive Advantage? Consider Outplacement

0008_Want-Competitive-Advantage_-Consider-OutplacementGreat guest blog post from Steve Harvey - OI Partners Los Angeles

Originally by: Steve Harvey

Business success is all about competitive advantage. And leadership is all about motivating and energizing people. Believe it or not, a key tool in both of these categories is outplacement.

While businesses are busy with acquisitions and mergers, insightful business leaders who want to create a competitive advantage include outplacement when workforce reduction is necessary.

Outplacement is not always about those who are leaving (although that is a critical element). It is also about demonstrating to retained employees that their former colleagues are being treated well under the unfortunate circumstance of layoff. It also demonstrates to the rest of the world—including former employees, customers, competitors and more—that your business cares and goes the extra mile to take care of people. Not every business can say that.

This is key. THAT is the competitive advantage tool that motivates the retained employees to continue on and to rise to achieve even greater goals.

Has outplacement helped your business achieve greater competitive advantage? We’d like to know.

If your organization needs help with implementing outplacement strategy, contact us today.

Steve Harvey is the managing partner of OI Partners Inc., California. He is involved in all aspects of the business including marketing, operations, workforce reduction planning, executive and career coaching. Steve is former chairman of OI Partners, Inc. and presently contributes on the Talent Management, Recruitment and C-Suite Coaching Divisions. Steve earned his B.A. degree in psychology from Wabash College, and attended graduate business school at Indiana University. He can be contacted at sharvey@oipartners.net.