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What Can We Learn from the 3% of Professionals That Have a Truly Successful Career?

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Our research shows that only 3% of professionals have a career of sustained success, what are they doing differently than the rest of us?

Get to the Core of Your Career Success

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In our book, “Don’t Dread Monday,” we introduce a powerful concept that is helping thousands of people re-engage and find sustained career success. And companies are realizing huge benefits.  This concept is called

How to Make Smarter Career Decisions

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Let’s begin by acknowledging that it isn’t easy to advance your career or to make a job change. Whether it is early in your career or you are a seasoned professional, the challenges are daunting. The good news is

Common Career Myth – Career progression requires a formal career path

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At one point in your career you may have developed, or been given, a career plan. In fact, the promise of a formal career path often attracts people to organizations. 

Do You Have Sunday Night Blues?  Your Core Career Needs Are Not Being Met.

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Research has shown that up to 76% of Americans suffer from a documented condition called Sunday Night Blues (reference: https://www.monster.com/career-advice/article/its-time-to-eliminate-sunday-night-blues-0602).