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resume resume development Resume Tips

The Dos and Don’ts of Resume Writing

Writing a compelling resume is a crucial part of any job search. A well-written resume presents you and your accomplishments in the best light and can be the difference between getting an interview and being passed by

resume resume development Resume Tips

How to Format Your Resume

When writing your resume, the substance is important. You want to highlight your accomplishments, presenting yourself as the best candidate for the job. However, how you format your resume can be just as important as

resume resume development Resume Tips

Resume Builder: A Guide to Using Keywords

Since most job openings have an average of 250 applicants, most companies are not going through each resume by hand. Instead, they use applicant tracking systems (ATS), which is a type of software that aids in hiring.

resume resume development Resume Tips

How to Write a Resume

Writing a compelling resume is crucial for any job search. Unfortunately, most of us enter the workforce without ever really learning how to write a resume. There are strategies behind writing a resume that showcases

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3 Tips to Creating a Searchable Job Resume

Millions of Americans have found themselves out of work these past few months. With so many qualified candidates flooding the online job boards, it might feel impossible for your profile to rise to the top. However, a