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Five Ways External Recruiters Can Help Talent Acquisition Departments

Organizations build internal Talent Acquisition (TA) departments to help them save the costs of using external recruiters.
In large organizations, the costs savings can be significant.
At CMP, we have seen and worked with TA departments to help them with searches. The reasons that these firms engage may interest you.
Here are five ways how external recruiters can help Talent Acquisition departments.

Time Management

Outside recruiters can focus on filling the hard-to-fill, time-intensive roles while the internal talent acquisition staff can work on the higher-volume, higher-impact positions.
Hard-to-fill positions can become productivity killers for a talent acquisition team. It can potentially take the same amount of time to fill one hard-to-fill role as it does to fill three or more high-impact positions. This results in tens of thousands in lost productivity. Outsourcing this work can save the TA department time and money.


TA departments can benefit from the third-party objectivity that an external recruiter can bring to the process. The external recruiter can bring a fresh perspective by talking to candidates that may not be one the radar of the TA department. An external recruiter can also more easily approach candidates at competitive firms. 
Expanded Networks
Outside recruiters can leverage their unique network of contacts and relationships to help extend the marketing reach for the open roles. A high-quality external recruiter will have relationships and networks that they can leverage to find the ideal passive candidate that the TA department cannot.
Outside recruiters can help find viable candidates for the hard-to-fill roles because they can laser-target their search and allocate the resources to get the job done quickly. Also, smart external recruiters will use validated assessment tools to screen and select so that only candidates with the best candidates will be presented to the TA department.
There are times when a confidential search is needed. The search may need to replace an employee who is currently underperforming, or there is a behind the scene transition where a key leader is leaving, and no apparent successor is in the internal pipeline.
An external recruiter can help to keep the search process confidential because it can operate outside of the official lines of communication. Their searches can be discrete and respectful to the sensitivity of the situation.
External recruiters can make Talent Acquisition departments more productive. The external recruiter can remove the burden of the time-intensive search for hard to fill candidates. The external recruiter can also help get the position filled quicker due to their expanded list of contacts.
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