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CHRO and CEO Alignment - Insights From The Gartner 2018 CHRO Study

CHRO CEO Alignment

I recently attended a great HR.com webinar where Brian Kropp, Group Vice President – Gartner’s HR Practice shared the results from their recently completed 2018 Gartner Annual CHRO Study. The study provided some

The CHRO Journey To Become The CEO’s Valued Business Adviser


HR News You Can Use – CHRO Role - Office Space - Quality of Hire


In this edition of HR News You Can Use we cover three interesting set of facts that have a major impact on the workplace today.

What Are The Top Ten Priorities Of An Atlanta CHRO?


Evanta recently held a CHRO Summit in Atlanta with a select group of Atlanta's CHRO's from Fortune 1000 companies in the market.

Woman Rise To Dominate CHRO Role and Create New Paths To CEO


In a recent press release, the following headline and sub-headline were displayed