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HR Leadership Is Needed Now More Than Ever

HR Leadership HR Leaders

To all of our HR friends, You are on the frontline and are facing some critical decisions in the days and weeks ahead. Do you do layoffs or furloughs to help balance the downturn in revenues? How do you keep your

The Big Reset – What HR Leaders Can Expect

HR Leadership HR Leaders

We are all going to be drowning in the news about the uncertain times ahead. I am seeing that the predictions that are the gloomiest seem to be getting the most traction. This is understandable since the number of

Are HR Leaders More People-Focused or Business-Focused?

HR Leadership Executive Leadership HR Leaders

What drives HR Leaders? Is it career ambition, serving people, or is it something else? I just finished a fascinating research study (2019 Global HR Census Report – The Talent Strategy Group) that provided some

HR Leaders Need To Evolve From Trusted Advisor To Credible Activist

HR Leadership

There is a lot of content on the internet on how HR Leaders can secure a more strategic role in their organization.