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What is Outplacement? Conducting Layoffs with Effectiveness & Compassion

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In the fluid, fast-paced world of business, restructuring, downsizing, or rightsizing can sometimes become a necessity. One of the key methods to mitigate the organization risk and individual impact on affected

5 Keys to Compassionate Layoffs: Staying Above Water & Building Credibility

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Reductions in workforce often elicit fear and uncertainty. However, by conducting layoffs with compassion and effectiveness, companies can build credibility and even mature through the process. Let's dissect the DNA of

Compassionate Layoffs That Keep You Off The Front Page

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Downsizing, RIFs, layoffs. All are part of the business landscape, but if you think these are mere cost-cutting exercises, think again. Conducting layoffs with compassion and transparency not only upholds your company's

To Those Staying and Those Leaving: Layoffs Suck

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Layoffs are brutal.

How Not To Do A Layoff: Lessons From The Bird Layoff Disaster

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The massive economic downturn induced by COVID-19 has forced business leaders to make some tough financial decisions. One of the most challenging decisions is whether a layoff is necessary. Layoffs take a personal toll

Why Outplacement Matters Even In A Full Employment Economy

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Even though the US economy is at record low unemployment, we still see news stories about massive layoffs from companies such as Ford, General Motors, Nissan, HP, and Deutsche Bank. These layoffs are a result of

Disruption And Layoffs - A Cautionary Tale


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HR News You Can Use - Layoffs Down, Tech Startup Sentiment Positive