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Leadership Lessons: Admit When You Are Wrong


I had the great opportunity to give the devotional to the C3G, a career ministry at Northpoint Community Church (the incredible Andy Stanley is the Pastor). I decided to forego the expected inspirational address on

Leadership Lessons – What I Learned From Our Moonshot Leadership Event

Leadership Moonshot Leadership

Leadership is about having a vision, being able to inspire others about a vision, and finding a way to mobilize all of the resources that are on hand to make that vision become a reality. Leaders can be bold and

What Is The Biggest Threat To Corporate Culture? - Organizational Cynicism

Leadership Employee Engagement Culture Fit, Corporate Culture

There are so many articles and books written about culture – what it is, how to build one, why it is important – and countless other themes. The area that I will talk about today is one of the biggest threats to

Executive Coaching and Leadership Lessons From The Movie "Bring It On"

Leadership Executive Coaching

After an extensive internal succession plan process, a high performing internal candidate is selected to take over a high performing team. After an extensive internal succession plan process, a high-performing

Dear Woman With A Microphone - Guest Post By Katie Martell

Leadership Diversity Women In The Workplace

All of us at CMP try our best to bring our readers fresh insights on talent management, careers, leadership, and all of business insights that we see as making them more informed. On occasion, we also like to feature

Leadership Lesson - When To Use The Phone Versus Email


Business moves fast. We are all pushed to get more things done quickly.

The Decline of the Baronial CEO - Leadership Lessons


Nelson D. Schwartz of The New York Times published a great article “The Decline Of The Baronial CEO” two weeks ago. The article put the recent abrupt retirement of Jeffrey Immelt, former CEO of General Electric, into

4C - The Core of Your Leadership Engine


Every organization has a clear need to develop future leaders – the longer-term viability of the business requires it. And, your strongest talent may leave if they aren’t being challenged, developed and don’t see a

HR News You Can Use – Workplace Trends and Constant Change Leadership


In this version of HR News You Can Use we review some:

Leadership Lesson - How Do Great CEO’s Differ From Average Ones?