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How to (Actually) Network: Advice Meetings

In this blog, I’ll continue to tackle the ins and outs of networking. If you haven’t read my previous blogs about The Advantages of Networking and laying the groundwork for networking meetings, go ahead and do that now.

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Tips for Effectively Using Job Boards

I can almost guarantee that everyone, at some point, has used a job board to find their next career opportunity. They’ve become the easy, go-to method for finding thousands of available job listings, all from the

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Career Success Indicator: Measuring Your Level of Career Satisfaction

How your job is really going? Sometimes it’s obvious if you hate your career, but it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. I’ve found it’s valuable to sit down and take some time for introspection every once and a

career passion find my passion career test

Career Success Assessment: How to Increase a Low Score

Here at Don’t Dread Monday, we’ve developed a career assessment —The Career Success Indicator (CSi50)—to measure your current state of career fulfillment and health. It’s a free career test assessment that should only

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Where to Find Your Passion

At Don’t Dread Monday, we talk a lot about developing your passionate core. This term might be a bit confusing, so allow me to explain. Your passionate core is made up of the two to five needs that must find expression

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How to Write a Resume

Writing a compelling resume is crucial for any job search. Unfortunately, most of us enter the workforce without ever really learning how to write a resume. There are strategies behind writing a resume that showcases