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To Those Staying and Those Leaving: Layoffs Suck

layoffs Outplacement Services Human Resources Career Coaching

Layoffs are brutal. 

Looking for Work? Don't Shoot Yourself In The Foot.

Career Advice career transition Career Coaching

The ONE thing everyone must do the moment they get fired or quit is...NOTHING.

Want to Be A Best Places To Work? Offer Career Coaching To Everyone

Executive Coaching Career Coaching career pathing

It used to be that having the Best Places To Work award or being a marquis brand on the Fortune 500 list was enough to attract and retain top talent. Those days are gone. Today, top talent (or frankly anyone) are

Career Coaching - How To Be A Better Employee - Maren Hogan Guest Blog

Career Coaching

How many times have we read, heard, or sat through training exercises that try to teach employees how to have an "entrepreneurial mindset" or how to foster "better teamwork" or a "winning culture"? If you are like me

The Art of Negotiating the Job Offer

Career Coaching

It is difficult at times to know whether or not to accept a job offer. If you are nearing a state of desperation or at that point, it is instinctive to accept the first offer an employer makes. The fact is, if the

Ask A Career Coach - Workplace Trends for Millennials

Career Coaching

An interesting brochure was recently shared with me. It was the student recruiting material for Kings Ridge Christian School in Alpharetta. The brochure outlines what workplace trends today's millennials are looking

A Letter From An Atlanta Career Coaching Client

Career Coaching

At The Frontier Group we place client satisfaction as the primary driver for all of our actions.

Follow Up Is The Key To Successful Job Search

Career Coaching

In my previous position as Talent Manager, I was often disappointed by the lack of follow up and civility on the part of job seekers. I’m here to tell you that consistent follow up is key and civility can be the deal



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