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The Best Of The CMP Blogs For 2018

As we wind down 2018 and eagerly look forward to 2019, we wanted to take a look at the articles that we have written throughout the year and reshare the most popular and most commented articles that we have written.

Throughout 2018, we have tried to share our thoughts and insights on leadership, talent development, the future workplace, outplacement, and culture. We try to cover a wide range of topics that we believe will resonate with our great readers.

So here is our best blogs for 2018. We look forward to you sharing 2019 with us.


Revenge Of The Candidates - Ghosting Of Employers Is Now Increasing

Revenge of the candates v1-2This blog was by far our most read and commented.


Because it captured all of the frustrations that are inherent in the talent acquisition process. Where candidates felt the brunt of the ghosting during the slow economy, recruiters and hiring managers are now seeing the bad behavior directed their way with no-shows and flat out disappearances. Read more about it here.

How To Win The Talent War – Hire From These Four Forgotten Talent Pools – Executive Search Insights

diverse group of peopleThe war for talent was probably the biggest theme that we saw for 2018. The strong economy and the ever-expanding need for digital and technical talent placed a great deal of pressure on recruiters looking to find the right talent. Ironically, there are four talent pools that recruiters often ignore – people over 50, moms returning to the workplace, people with criminal records, and sadly vets. Read more about it here.

CHRO and CEO Alignment – Insights From The Gartner 2018 CHRO Study

Businesswoman giving explication in front of a growing chart on a whiteboard during a meetingThere were some interesting insights that we found in the 2018 Gartner Annual CHRO Study. They were 1) Digitalization and analytics are key priorities for CHRO’s, 2) CEO’s and CHRO’s are in alignment on the importance of digitalization, continuous performance management, and enhancing the employee experience and 3) CEO’s and CHRO’s differ when it comes to the importance of advancing Diversity and Inclusion in their workplace, and redesigning their organizational structures to advance greater collaboration. Read more about it here.


Why Outplacement Matters In An Age of Disruption

Why Outplacement MattersWe have the lowest unemployment in the past 48 years, yet General Motors announced that they are laying off about 14,000 employees. We continue to be in a technology boom, yet companies like Citrix, Qualcomm, Oracle, and Microsoft all have announced or are rumored to be considering layoffs. The reason that layoffs are happening in one of the best economic climates we have had in years is that the rate of business disruption is accelerating, and smart leaders know that they have to change or face the consequences. These disruptions are why we believe that outplacement services matter more than ever. Read more about it here.


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Is It Time to Rethink Performance Reviews?

interview41-1The elimination of performance reviews is still one of the most-discussed topics in HR articles, blogs, and conferences. The discussion heated up a couple of years ago and it does not seem to be going away. I did a Google search on the keywords “eliminating performance reviews” and generated 2,020,000 results. To say that this topic is still trending is a definite understatement. Many companies ditched their annual review process but found the alternatives were not any better. This test failure has caused many firms to begin to rethink that maybe the annual review process is not all that bad. Read more about it here.


Executive Coaching and Leadership Lessons From The Movie “Bring It On”

bring-it-onLeadership lessons can sometimes come from the most unlikely places. For example, I saw that the teen comedy movie “Bring It On” was in the HBO movie rotation and was reminded about the 171 times that I watched that film with my daughter (parenthood does require sacrifice). I found it interesting that the plot line for the movie hits on a lot of relevant executive coaching themes – senior leadership transition, team building, the strategic use of consulting, and how someone can grow and mature as a leader. Read more about it here.


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What Is The Biggest Threat To Corporate Culture? Organizational Cynicism

Organizational CynicThere are so many articles and books written about culture – what it is, how to build one, why it is important, and countless other themes. One area that I would like to talk about today is one of the biggest threats to organizations – cynicism.

The cynic in an organization can quietly undermine management’s business plans, they can breed discontent that will drive engagement down and turnover up, and they can become the barriers to making any positive changes to the company. Needless to say, the cynics need to be moved out of the organization. Making this change is not an easy thing to do because sometimes the reason cynicism exists is that management created it. Read more about it here.

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