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To Those Staying and Those Leaving: Layoffs Suck

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Layoffs are brutal.

Who Owns An Employee? - The Business Leader Or Human Resources?

Human Resources Talent Management Talent Mobility

Who “owns” an employee? Is it the business leader who the employee reports to (their boss for lack of a better term)? Or could it be that Human Resources “owns” the employee? I was listening to a presentation that Josh

Guest Blog: What Will It Take To Be A HR Leader In The Future?

Human Resources

The following is an insightful analysis by Pamela Harding, CEO of Metzano, on the changing expectations of Human Resources leaders.

Guest Blog: The HR Leadership Revolution - Will You Thrive?

Human Resources

Here is another great guest blog that we think is well worth sharing. John Schwarz, a well know thought leader, discusses what skill sets CHRO's and HR Leaders will need to have in order to be a strategic partner in

Guest Blog - HR, Heal Thyself

Human Resources

In this new release in our guest blog series we share the insights of another great human resources thought leader Linda Brenner.

HR Technology Trends for 2016

Human Resources

Big data is everywhere – including human resources.

Guest Blog - Be Your Own HR Hero

Human Resources

2016 Forecast - Human Resources Manager Demand Will Grow

Human Resources

A 2016 forecast just released by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling specialist Intl. (EMSI) shows that Human Resource Manager will be one of the top 20 most in demand jobs for the upcoming year based on a recent SHRM

Cultural Coaching Improved Hansgrohe's HR Performance - Part 1

Human Resources

Multinational organizations often face challenges of how to bring the various cultures together. It can be difficult to show individuals and teams how to understand each other, accept and embrace their differences and

5 Things HR Managers Should Know About Office Romances

Human Resources

Valentine’s Day - a time when our attention turns to romance. With so many people working longer hours and spending more time in the office the potential for office romances increases significantly.