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Five Ways External Recruiters Can Help Talent Acquisition Departments

Recruiting talent acquisition Executive Recruiting

Organizations build internal Talent Acquisition (TA) departments to help them save the costs of using external recruiters. In large organizations, the costs savings can be significant. At CMP, we have seen

Patrick Lynch Is The New President-Elect for SHRM-Atlanta


I am pleased to announce that I will be the President-Elect in 2020 for SHRM-Atlanta. In my new role, I will be part of a volunteer and executive leadership team, helping to make SHRM-Atlanta the premier professional

Three Key Things To Know When Taking A Personality Assessment

Talent Assessment

A recent study reported that “76% of organizations with over 100 employees rely on assessment tools such as aptitude and personality tests for external hiring”. This news can be unnerving for job candidates, but they

Why Outplacement Matters Even In A Full Employment Economy

layoffs Job Search Outplacement

Even though the US economy is at record low unemployment, we still see news stories about massive layoffs from companies such as Ford, General Motors, Nissan, HP, and Deutsche Bank. These layoffs are a result of

Virtual Executive Coaching and Career Pathing - Where Are We Today?

Executive Coaching talent development career pathing

I have written about career development for years. My message consistently drove home that career development has to be internally motivated and that you cannot expect your employer to help you advance your career.

What I Have Learned From Being On LinkedIn For 14 Years


I was listening to the LinkedInformed podcast by Mark Williams last week, where he did a deep dive into LinkedIn profile settings. I decided to tour my settings to see if any changes were needed, and I noticed that I

Career Development 3.0 -  Career Pathing and Reskilling

career development career pathing reskilling

Reskilling, career pathing, talent development – all of these concepts are important to me both personally and professionally. Too often, I see people plateau in their careers because they have not dedicated themselves

2019 HR Tech – Insights, Observations, and Predictions

Talent Management HR Tech

I finally had the opportunity to attend the HR Tech Conference, joining thousands of other HR practitioners and vendors in a four-day full immersion on all things tech. The show was massive – 500 exhibitors, 100

Why Outplacement Provides An Important Societal Benefit


Three years ago, I wrote an Outplacement Manifiesto blog when I was the President of The Frontier Group. I merged my firm with CMP last year. Our new organization still shares the beliefs about what is right,

HR Tech Cannot Solve Everything

Outplacement HR Tech

I have to admit that I am a major HR Tech geek. I read everything that I can about it, am the first one to jump into any conversation about the Future of Work, and am treating my upcoming trip the 2019 HR Tech Conference