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Get Your SHIFT Together - Notes From Our First HR Helping HR Event

SHRM-Atlanta NAAAHR-Atlanta SHIFT career development

This past weekend I was lucky to be part of the leadership group that ran an event in Atlanta called SHIFT –StartHavingIntentionality InFocusing YourTalents.

Want To Create A Stronger Talent Pipeline? Create Career Paths For Individual Contributors.

Talent Management Career Paths Talent Pipeline

I just completed a great book byRand Fishkin(formerly of Moz now the head ofSparkToro) calledLost and Founder. The book (I highly recommend it) is a personal message to anyone who is looking to be part of the

Is It Time To Rethink Basing Hiring Decisions On “Culture Fit"?

talent acquisition Talent Management Culture Fit,

The conventional wisdom is that you hire for culture fit. The thinking is that you want to find candidates that will fit the culture of the organization. These candidates will be better team players, more productive,

Rethink How You  Hire People – You May Be Doing It All Wrong


A recent Harvard Business Review article “How To Hire” by the always on target Patty McCord (former Chief Talent Officer for Netflix and now a very in demand consultant) challenged many of the perspectives that I had

How Can A Whole30 Program Approach Help You Change Your Life and Career?


I recently completed a personal change management program.

Hiring Managers – Please Stop Ghosting Your Candidates – Notes From An Outplacement Consultant


As an outplacement consultant, I work with a number of great candidates who are in job search. They put their heart and soul into finding their next opportunity.

How to Make Smarter Career Decisions

Career Tips

Let’s begin by acknowledging that it has never been more difficult to advance your career or to make a job change. Whether it is early in your career or you are a seasoned professional, the challenges are daunting.

Career Advice You Can Learn From CEO's Who Do Not Have College Degrees

Career Advice

There are so much written about how to successfully manage your career.

Are You An Insecure Overachiever?


Long hours - impossible deadlines - endless meetings.

7 Reasons Executive Recruiting Is Entering A Growth Stage


The future of Executive Recruiting is hotly debated. There is a lot of prevailing opinions out there that the need for recruiters is going to decrease because of the abundance of online job boards, social media