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HR News You Can Use - Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day

It has been a couple weeks since I published my last article.

What Are The New Challenges In A Social Media Connected World?

social media

I believe one of the biggest ongoing challenges in our professional and personal lives will be how to effectively manage our digital lives and social media usage. In an “internet of things”/hyper-connected world that we

Understanding Self-Awareness


I have written a lot about emotional intelligence over the years. Several years ago we brought emotional intelligence coaching into our practice and have seen how it has been able to help improve the professional and

10 Reasons Your Job Search Isn't Working

Career Tips

If you’ve been searching unsuccessfully for a new job, or if you’re about to start a job-search, you’ll want to review the 10 reasons for an unsuccessful job search below. These 10 reasons are derived from the

Career Coaching - How To Be A Better Employee - Maren Hogan Guest Blog

Career Coaching

How many times have we read, heard, or sat through training exercises that try to teach employees how to have an "entrepreneurial mindset" or how to foster "better teamwork" or a "winning culture"? If you are like me

Hiring "Over-Qualified" Candidates Is Smart Talent Acquisition

talent acquisition

Finding great people is always essential. As we enter into our new period of full employment the war for talent is going to heat up even more.

Age Discrimination In Tech - Views Of An Outplacement Consultant

age discrimination

Let’s talk age discrimination. This is a highly charged way to start a blog post but the problem is real, the solutions are hard, and a lot of talent is not being recognized.

Millennials and Turnover - Facts Vs. Conventional Wisdom


Just what the world needs – another blog about millennials.

Working From Home - What Are The Challenges To Making It Work?

Remote Work

The world of work continues to evolve to be increasingly remote.

Outplacement Advice - Severance Packages - Do's and Don'ts


Layoffs and terminations are never easy for anyone involved in the outplacement process. A key element of any involuntary termination is severance. There have been a lot of changes in recent years regarding severance