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Who Owns An Employee? - The Business Leader Or Human Resources?

Human Resources Talent Management Talent Mobility

Who “owns” an employee? Is it the business leader who the employee reports to (their boss for lack of a better term)? Or could it be that Human Resources “owns” the employee? I was listening to a presentation that

2019 HR Tech – Insights, Observations, and Predictions

Talent Management HR Tech

I finally had the opportunity to attend the HR Tech Conference, joining thousands of other HR practitioners and vendors in a four-day full immersion on all things tech. The show was massive – 500 exhibitors, 100

Is It Time To Rethink Eliminating Performance Reviews?

Talent Management performance reviews

The elimination of performance reviews is still one of the most-discussed topics in HR articles, blogs, and conferences. The discussion heated up a couple of years ago and it does not seem to be going away. I did a

Is It Time To Treat Everyone As A High Potential?

Career Management Talent Management Hiring For Fit High Potential

What is the best strategy to develop an effective leadership pipeline? It speaks to the obvious that the development of the next generation of leaders is vital to the future growth of the organization and its

The Perils Of Social Isolation - We Have Never Been So Connected Yet So Alone

Career Management Talent Management Social Isolation

The suicide deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, along with the alarming news of the rise in suicides over the past ten years, will cause us all to search for answers and solutions.

Want To Create A Stronger Talent Pipeline? Create Career Paths For Individual Contributors.

Talent Management Career Paths Talent Pipeline

I just completed a great book by Rand Fishkin (formerly of Moz now the head of SparkToro) called Lost and Founder. The book (I highly recommend it) is a personal message to anyone who is looking to be part of the

Is It Time To Rethink Basing Hiring Decisions On “Culture Fit"?

talent acquisition Talent Management Culture Fit,

The conventional wisdom is that you hire for culture fit. The thinking is that you want to find candidates that will fit the culture of the organization. These candidates will be better team players, more productive,

Talent Management Insights - How Can Organizations Improve Their High Potential Programs

Talent Management

Identification and nurturing of high-potential employees have long been a cornerstone of succession planning. Typically this involves senior management identifying what they see as the most capable and promising

Maybe The Annual Performance Review Process Is Not That Bad

performance review Talent Management

One of the most-discussed topics last year was the elimination of performance reviews. A Google search on the keywords “eliminating performance reviews” generated 2,020,000 results. To say that this topic has been

Three New 21st Century Rules For Talent Management

Talent Management

Fortune magazine recently published a great article: The 21st Century: What You Need to Know. In the article Geoff Colvin outlines how every aspect of doing business this century is about to change. With employee