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The New World Of Work - Is The Office Of Future No Office At All?

World of Work Open Office

It is not exactly breaking the news that the office workspace is changing.

Is It Time To Treat Everyone As A High Potential?

Career Management Talent Management Hiring For Fit High Potential

What is the best strategy to develop an effective leadership pipeline? It speaks to the obvious that the development of the next generation of leaders is vital to the future growth of the organization and its

Career Management Insights From The 2018 iCIMS Job Outlook Report

Career Management Jobs iCMS Job Outlook Report

iCIMS recently published their 2018 Job Outlook Report. I am not going to go through a complete analysis of the report (you can read it by going to this link). I do want to share some interesting insights that I

What Is One Of The Hardest Decisions You Will Ever Make? Hiring Someone Who Is Smarter Than You.

careers talent acquisition Talent Pipeline Hiring For Fit

I just finished reading a great book The Talent Fix by Tim Sackett (I highly recommend reading the book and following his blog). In the book, Tim talks about how one of the hardest – and best – hiring decisions that

How To Avoid The Tell Me About Yourself Trap

Interviewing Career Paths Tell Me About Yourself

One of the first questions that is asked during a job interview or informational meeting is “Can you please tell me about yourself”. You would think that a question like this would be easy to answer yet I have seen

The Perils Of Social Isolation - We Have Never Been So Connected Yet So Alone

Career Management Talent Management Social Isolation

The suicide deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, along with the alarming news of the rise in suicides over the past ten years, will cause us all to search for answers and solutions.

Get Your SHIFT Together - Notes From Our First HR Helping HR Event

SHRM-Atlanta NAAAHR-Atlanta SHIFT career development

This past weekend I was lucky to be part of the leadership group that ran an event in Atlanta called SHIFT – Start Having Intentionality In Focusing Your Talents.

Want To Create A Stronger Talent Pipeline? Create Career Paths For Individual Contributors.

Talent Management Career Paths Talent Pipeline

I just completed a great book by Rand Fishkin (formerly of Moz now the head of SparkToro) called Lost and Founder. The book (I highly recommend it) is a personal message to anyone who is looking to be part of the

Is It Time To Rethink Basing Hiring Decisions On “Culture Fit"?

talent acquisition Talent Management Culture Fit,

The conventional wisdom is that you hire for culture fit. The thinking is that you want to find candidates that will fit the culture of the organization. These candidates will be better team players, more productive,

Rethink How You  Hire People – You May Be Doing It All Wrong


A recent Harvard Business Review article “How To Hire” by the always on target Patty McCord (former Chief Talent Officer for Netflix and now a very in demand consultant) challenged many of the perspectives that I had