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CMP Merges with Atlanta-Based The Frontier Group


Originally published on Cision PR Newswire DALLAS, March 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CMP, a leading talent development and transition firm, announced today that it will be merging with The Frontier Group 

How to Make Smarter Career Decisions

Career Tips

Let’s begin by acknowledging that it has never been more difficult to advance your career or to make a job change. Whether it is early in your career or you are a seasoned professional, the challenges are

Career Advice You Can Learn From CEO's Who Do Not Have College Degrees

Career Advice

There are so much written about how to successfully manage your career.

4 Steps to Shape Your Unique Career Path

Career Tips

Studies, and our experience working with professionals, consistently highlight that fact that most working adults are in the midst of a mediocre career.  Given the time we spend on-the-job and in our career, a

Are You An Insecure Overachiever?


Long hours - impossible deadlines - endless meetings.

7 Reasons Executive Recruiting Is Entering A Growth Stage


The future of Executive Recruiting is hotly debated. There is a lot of prevailing opinions out there that the need for recruiters is going to decrease because of the abundance of online job boards, social media

HR News You Can Use - Valentine's Day Edition

Valentine's Day

It has been a couple weeks since I published my last article.

What Are The New Challenges In A Social Media Connected World?

social media

I believe one of the biggest ongoing challenges in our professional and personal lives will be how to effectively manage our digital lives and social media usage. In an “internet of things”/hyper-connected world that

Don't Dread Monday: Career Myth "To get ahead you just need to do a good job!"

Career Tips

To get ahead you just need to do a good job. We all want this to be true. It would seem to make sense that the quality and integrity of a person’s work is all that should matter. Unfortunately, getting ahead in an

Understanding Self-Awareness


I have written a lot about emotional intelligence over the years. Several years ago we brought emotional intelligence coaching into our practice and have seen how it has been able to help improve the professional and